Many people think that extended auto repair warranty is not necessary but it can come in handy anytime. In fact having extended auto repair warranty can provide a good financial cushioning from the high auto repair costs. Along with this, there are several other benefits to vehicle owners who take extended auto repair warranty, especially when it comes with foreign car repair services. The normal auto insurance taken by most vehicle owners covers costs against collision and might also provide comprehensive coverage but, it does not provide any coverage against repairs that are needed by vehicles over time. After the warranty on the car is over,Read More →

Crazy How Time Flys… In the course of rebuilding our web presence I’ve been digging around in the past… I remember this like it was yesterday. This almost closed the doors on B&C, it was only the outreach of our customers that kept us in business. The Star Free Press Caption: A Thanksgiving eve fire destroyed a Ventura Calif., auto repair business, Wednesday, Nov. 27, 1996. While a mechanic was trying to patch a leaking gas tank on a car, the tank exploded, causing 1st and 2nd degree burns on Laszlo Bihari’s arm, the owner. B&C Foreign Car Repair was completly destroyed.Read More →